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What are they all about?

Free from Harm is a 501c(3) non profit organization based in Chicago dedicated to helping build a nonviolent mass movement for all species liberation. We do this through a variety of strategies, including:

  • publishing digital content for public education and outreach,
  • building bridges with other groups and movements,
  • building a strong grassroots activist community,
  • rescuing animals from exploitative industries and broadcasting their stories.

Our public education and outreach focuses primarily on publishing quality content on our website and syndicating that content through our expansive social media reach. We attract over one million unique website visitors every year and average about 800,000 impressions each month on Facebook. Most importantly, our content provides our members and followers with frequent and meaningful ways to take action on important issues.

What type of activism do they do?

Free from Harm participates in a wide variety of vegan festivals, conferences and activism events related to climate justice, sustainability, health and wellness, intersectionality, and animal ethics. Our community outreach serves three important goals:

  • to grow and empower our local activist community,
  • to build public support,
  • to organize frontline actions that capture the attention of the media and the public and apply pressure on targeted decisionmakers who have the power to meet our demands.

In the city that once promoted itself as the slaughter capital of the world, we recognize that the work we do here can have important repercussions elsewhere, and we are eager to share ideas and resources with other activist communities nationwide.

Our rescue and rehabilitation work is focused specifically on rescuing, treating and finding suitable homes for abandoned or escaped domestic birds in the Chicago area. Most of our rescues are chickens who have escaped local slaughterhouses or “backyard chickens” who have been abandoned by their owners. Other domestic species we have rescued include ducks, guinea fowl, quail and pigeons. In addition, we have assisted in rescuing orphaned chicks from school chick hatching projects and providing alternatives for chick hatching programs. Each of our rescues has a unique survival story that we broadcast to the world.

All of our efforts are driven by the fundamental goal of building a mass movement through nonviolent action which we believe is urgently needed to address the climate and environmental crisis we face.

How do I get involved?

To start volunteering with Free From Harm, click a button below!

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  • 1
    Always ask for vegan options when you're eating out, walking by a restaurant, store, or bar. Even if you already know that they don't have vegan options, asking creates a demand for it.
  • 2
    Buy vegan-friendly stickers and place them on walls, lamp poles, & other public areas. You can also attach QR code stickers on meat products. Please respect local laws! Find stickers
  • 3
    Move bookstore cookbooks so that plant-friendly recipes have more exposure near meat-based recipe books. Please be respectful and ask these stores first if you can rearrange them!
  • 4
    Update your social media profile descriptions or website with a link to a vegan youtube video! Use a goo.gl link to track clicks and stats. We recommend Gary or Earthling Ed's speech!
  • 5
    Print vegan-friendly flyers and pamphlets for people's mailboxes, or under their doors! Hand them out to people, leave them at libraries, colleges, supermarkets, or hang them in public places! Print or order resources by clicking here.
  • 6
    Contact stores around you and ask them to carry more vegan / plant-based / dairy-free items! It creates demand, and it only takes a few seconds to google your local store's website and email address! Example
  • 7
    Host potlucks / vegan meals by inviting friends and family over and cooking for them! Show them how good plant-based meats, milks and desserts actually are!
  • 8
    Leave positive Yelp reviews at restaurants that offered vegan options and give feedback to restaurants that you'd like to see more plant-based options! Examples.
  • 9
    Wear vegan shirts / clothes and other items! By wearing vegan-friendly messages on your clothes you help normalize veganism and hopefully plant a few seeds in people around you!
  • 10
    Tweet or email celebrities that you look up to, whether they play music, star in movies, write books, respectfully ask them to consider looking into Veganism! Examples here.
  • 11
    Donate to sanctuaries or organizations that could really use the funding! You could even sponsor an Animal at a sanctuary; your money is sorely needed. Donation list.
  • 12
    Use your creative skillsets and create various forms of art like songs, poems, stories, drawings, and so on, to spread the message of going vegan!
  • 13
    Set up a free public booth somewhere and give out small sample cups of plant-based milks to show people how good they are, and where to buy them from! Hand out pamphlets with information.
  • 14
    Ask your family to donate towards vegan organizations or sanctuaries in place of getting you birthday, wedding or christmas gifts! Plant some seeds in their mind! Donate list.
  • 15
    Perform chalk activism on public streets to spread information, facts and more - legally. Make sure the chalk is vegan (Crayola isn’t vegan)!
  • 16
    Change your WiFi network name to link directly to a free documentary! You can do "WATCHDOMINION.COM" or a similar link, it's a quick and easy thing to do! Screenshot.
  • 17
    Post content on reddit.com that's relevant to the community without directly pushing an agenda. Click here for a full guide on how to contribute there!
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