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What are they all about?

 NEXT-LEVEL ACTIVISM: First, we went vegan, then we became activists, now we lobby for justice.

Our objective is to end the bailouts and subsidies to animal agribusiness. These taxpayer-funded programs disconnect animal exploiters from the usual laws of supply and demand. The lobbying organization, AFA, is raising a lobbying army to bring fairness back to the next farm bill. 

Animal Ag subsidies undermine our vegan activism and vegan choices in the market place, and we will not stand for it. We used to think we were 'voting against animal ag' with our consumer dollars. The truth is this: while plant-based food businesses may be sensing our '$ votes', livestock producers are largely disconnected from the signals we are trying to send through what we thought was a free market. And so they keep overproducing into chronic oversupply, no matter how many plant-based burgers we buy. 

We vow to fight these anti-capitalist billion-dollar bailouts. We hire full-time lobbyists on capitol hill to bring justice and fairness to farm policy - for vegans, for the planet, and for the animals.

What type of activism do they do?

Vegan Justice League hires lobbyists to push legislation through that will bring fairness to farm policy. We aim to end subsidies to animal ag, and establish pilot programs that will help animal farmers transition to sustainable and non-exploitative businesses, where they can be part of climate solutions, and no longer part of the problem. 

VJL members typically invest $10 per month, but they can join for as little as $1 per month. 100% of member dues hire lobbyists in Washington DC through a lobbying alliance we've set up with environmentalists, free-market libertarians, food equity advocates and animal rights groups. To fight the animal ag lobby we need members, and we need an alliance. We're building it all, and your support is crucial. 

In addition to federal lobbying, Local VJL chapters lobby their reps to support VJL federal legislation. They lobby state, county, and city governments to bring vegan justice to laws everywhere. Lastly, they educate and activate vegan activists to get political - and take vegan outreach to all governmental halls of power.

How do I get involved?

To start volunteering with Vegan Justice League, click a button below!

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  • 1
    Always ask for vegan options when you're eating out, walking by a restaurant, store, or bar. Even if you already know that they don't have vegan options, asking creates a demand for it.
  • 2
    Buy vegan-friendly stickers and place them on walls, lamp poles, & other public areas. You can also attach QR code stickers on meat products. Please respect local laws! Find stickers
  • 3
    Move bookstore cookbooks so that plant-friendly recipes have more exposure near meat-based recipe books. Please be respectful and ask these stores first if you can rearrange them!
  • 4
    Update your social media profile descriptions or website with a link to a vegan youtube video! Use a goo.gl link to track clicks and stats. We recommend Gary or Earthling Ed's speech!
  • 5
    Print vegan-friendly flyers and pamphlets for people's mailboxes, or under their doors! Hand them out to people, leave them at libraries, colleges, supermarkets, or hang them in public places! Print or order resources by clicking here.
  • 6
    Contact stores around you and ask them to carry more vegan / plant-based / dairy-free items! It creates demand, and it only takes a few seconds to google your local store's website and email address! Example
  • 7
    Host potlucks / vegan meals by inviting friends and family over and cooking for them! Show them how good plant-based meats, milks and desserts actually are!
  • 8
    Leave positive Yelp reviews at restaurants that offered vegan options and give feedback to restaurants that you'd like to see more plant-based options! Examples.
  • 9
    Wear vegan shirts / clothes and other items! By wearing vegan-friendly messages on your clothes you help normalize veganism and hopefully plant a few seeds in people around you!
  • 10
    Tweet or email celebrities that you look up to, whether they play music, star in movies, write books, respectfully ask them to consider looking into Veganism! Examples here.
  • 11
    Donate to sanctuaries or organizations that could really use the funding! You could even sponsor an Animal at a sanctuary; your money is sorely needed. Donation list.
  • 12
    Use your creative skillsets and create various forms of art like songs, poems, stories, drawings, and so on, to spread the message of going vegan!
  • 13
    Set up a free public booth somewhere and give out small sample cups of plant-based milks to show people how good they are, and where to buy them from! Hand out pamphlets with information.
  • 14
    Ask your family to donate towards vegan organizations or sanctuaries in place of getting you birthday, wedding or christmas gifts! Plant some seeds in their mind! Donate list.
  • 15
    Perform chalk activism on public streets to spread information, facts and more - legally. Make sure the chalk is vegan (Crayola isn’t vegan)!
  • 16
    Change your WiFi network name to link directly to a free documentary! You can do "WATCHDOMINION.COM" or a similar link, it's a quick and easy thing to do! Screenshot.
  • 17
    Post content on reddit.com that's relevant to the community without directly pushing an agenda. Click here for a full guide on how to contribute there!
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